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Baptism has been the root of quite a bit of contention in the Body of Christ. It is a transliteration of the word Baptizo, which bears a manifold definition.

  1. to dip repeatedly, to immerse, to submerge (of vessels sunk)
  2. to cleanse by dipping or submerging, to wash, to make clean with water, to wash one’s self, bathe
  3. to overwhelm

Not to be confused with 911, bapto. The clearest example that shows the meaning of baptizo is a text from the Greek poet and physician Nicander, who lived about 200 B.C. It is a recipe for making pickles and is helpful because it uses both words. Nicander says that in order to make a pickle, the vegetable should first be ‘dipped’ (bapto) into boiling water and then ‘baptised’ (baptizo) in the vinegar solution. Both verbs concern the immersing of vegetables in a solution. But the first is temporary. The second, the act of baptising the vegetable, produces a permanent change. When used in the New Testament, this word more often refers to our union and identification with Christ than to our water baptism. e.g. Mark 16:16. ‘He that believes and is baptised shall be saved’. Christ is saying that mere intellectual assent is not enough. There must be a union with him, a real change, like the vegetable to the pickle! Bible Study Magazine, James Montgomery Boice, May 1989.

Is baptism necessary for salvation and if so, which definition best illustrates the method?




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Speaking In an Unknown Tongue?

Pray in the Spirit God has ordained this speaking in an unknown tongue unto Himself as a wonderful, supernatural means of communication in the Spirit. As we speak to Him in the unknown tongue we speak wonderful mysteries in the Spirit. In Rom. 8:27 we read, “He that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.” Many times as we speak unto God in an unknown tongue we are in intercession and as we pray thus in the Spirit we pray according to the will of God. And there is such a thing as the Spirit making intercession with groanings which cannot be uttered.       On this line I want to tell you about Willie Burton, who is laboring for God in the Belgium Congo. Brother Burton is a mighty man of God and is giving his life for the heathen in Africa. He took fever and went down to death. They said; “He has preached his last; what shall we do?” All their hopes seemed to be blighted, and there they stood, with broken hearts, wondering what was going to take place. They left him for dead; but, in a moment, without any signal, he stood right in the midst of them; and they could not understand it. The explanation he gave was this, that, when he came to himself, he realized a warmth going right through his body; and there wasn’t one thing wrong with him. How did it come about? It was a mystery until he went to London and was telling the people how he was left for dead, and then was raised up. A lady came up and asked for a private. conversation with him, and arranged a time. She asked, “Do you keep a diary?” He answered, “Yes.” She told him, “It happened on a certain day that I went to pray; and as soon as I knelt, I had you on my mind. -The Spirit of the Lord took hold of me and prayed through me in an unknown tongue. A vision came before me in which I saw you laid out helpless; and I cried out in the unknown tongue till I saw you rise up and go out of that room.” She had kept a note of the time and when he turned to his diary he found that it was exactly the time when he was raised up. There are great possibilities as we yield to the Spirit and speak unto God in quiet hours in our bedrooms. God wants you to be filled with the Holy Ghost so that everything about you shall be charged with the dynamic of heaven.                                                                                           -Smith Wigglesworth

Just last night i was in a bible study and a terrible physical anxiety came over me, but I knew that it was not an anxiety attack that I was having, but rather I had taken on someone else’s infirmity. I knew this because although I was feeling the anxiety in my body, I did not have the mental effects that accompany them. So I did the only thing I knew to do, I prayed. after I prayed a short prayer in my understanding, I began to pray in the spirit. Then toward the end of bible study, I let the congregation know what was happening so that we could pray as a body. there was also another person there who was feeling a heaviness on them who had been praying in the spirit.We began to pray and as we prayed I felt the anxiety lift from me. I recieved a call later that night, around the same time I was experiencing the anxiety, my pastor’s front axle on his truck broke while he was on the highway. His wife, who called me, and I agree that it was that prayer that may have been interceding against that unseen danger.
Our prayer languages are to be utilized. By praying in the Holy Ghost we build up what the bible calls our “most holy faith”. We must have our senses excersised by reason of use. I urge everyone to take up a time everyday to do nothing but pray. Then split that time, 75% – 25%, the 75% should be spent praying in the spirit. The other 25% can be to pray in your understanding. If we do that every morning before starting our day, we will see that many of our ussual issues will subside for that day, because the Holy Spirit has already foreseen and dealt with them. This is only a suggestion, its up to you what you do with what God has given you. But remember that to whom much is given much is required.

Written July 8th 2009

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