The Shack By Wm. Paul Young (the Missy Project)

     I recently completed ‘The Shack’ by Wm. Paul Young. Yes, I am aware that the book was released in 2008 but I am just getting around to reading it. (Dont Judge Me). This is one of the few fiction works that I have ever read that were able to make me rethink my theology and relationship with God. Not that I am in total agreement with Mr. Young’s ideas in the book, but he presents God the Father in a light that I have never ventured to see Him in. Without giving away the story line I will just say that The central character in the book is an image of the wreck that many of us are. I believe that one of the great attractions of this book is that the readers can put themselves in the place of this character in a number of ways. I recomment that you go out and buy this book as a gift and for yourself.

     There are a few theologically questionable themes, but they are questions well worth asking. the main issue sprouts from the way God is presented to the readers. While maintaining the trinitarian view, God is… well, lets just say God is in rare form. This book hit home for me on several levels, and Grace and Law find their way into the storyline at a critical point. Many questions that stir in the hearts of so many saints are addressed in this book. Questions like, ‘Where do grace and law cross paths?’ and ‘What does God expect of me really? I mean, Im only human.’

     Basically, I thought the book was inspirational, and challenging. I think that those are two things that believers are in dire need of in todays world. So go out and grab The Shack by William Paul Young. Then you can join the Missy Project too!


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