“Relationship is more important”


Today, I was confronted with my own heart and had no good answer to give God on its behalf. As I stood among the ranks of the Body of Christ that I gather with I observed an almost forgotten reality. God is more concerned with the hearts than the minds. What a jarring statement! What an absolutely insulting idea to the great theological teachers and teachings that have filled the Church libraries for so long. The thought, that God Almighty to whom we have devoted such intense scholarly attention would be rather aloof to our haughty words and enticing wisdom. To imply that he is more than moved at the sincere heart cry of the laymen with no theological background, and no knowledge of hermeneutics and exegesis. I was reminded today, that we serve a God who is not only the Creator of the Universe, but the Abba of every undeserving wretch who calls their self by the name of Christ. This God whom I serve is a Lord of Lords and a King of Kings, but he is also a Father of fathers and friend who sticks closer than a brother.


As I drove to service this morning I felt in myself the sensitivity and presence of the Spirit, and I was anxious to see what our Father had in store for the assembly today. I didn’t have to wait long, at the very outset of the service the praise was high and the presence was strong. I watched and participated with wonder as I saw with renewed clarity the plea of the people for God to come in our midst and be with us. They actually wanted God to come and receive their worship and praise. They actually wanted to spend time in corporate communion with God. It was in this observation that I realized the futility of knowing the scriptures, which is of the utmost importance, but never knowing the author.


It is this same type of religious practice that Jesus corrected the Jews on all the time. To be consumed with the study and practice of The Word as we see it, and never get the point. God loves his people and he desires us to know him in an intimate way. Not just as the Creator, but as Abba Father. I was recounting to my pastor these thoughts afterward and his response was humorously short, but true nonetheless. He simply replied, “Relationship is more important.”



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